City of Garbsen, Germany

“We’ve been searching for a USB monitoring tool for a long time and have tested different products. However, no other program has proved itself in our opinion.
In 2009, we became aware of DevicePro (former name of EgoSecure) and set up a test installation of 5 licenses in our office of the city archive. The installation on the server, the distribution to the clients and the whole handling of the program convinced us immediately.
For the installation we did not need an elaborate training and we hardly had to ask for support, which, when needed, responded very quickly and was always very friendly and helpful. We are currently using the “Access Control” and “Audit” modules to only allow the use of devices (such as USB sticks and mobile devices), which we approved. A filter for executable files is also used for mobile storage media. The authorizations can be controlled by group memberships from the AD or Novell eDirectory. The database is stored on an MS-SQL server. It would also work with MySQL. Momentarily we have 400 licenses in use.“