EgoSecure Data Protection 11.2 is now available!

The new product version 11.2 provides additional protection and advanced analysis capabilities

Attack scenarios constantly change in the same way as the information requirements of the IT departments, who need to know what happens with their data. For this reason, we are pursuing a release strategy which is driven not only by long-term roadmaps, but also reacts as quickly as possible to newly appearing attack scenarios. This way releases are sometimes smaller and published several times a year, on the other hand we are much closer to the needs of IT security officers in companies and government agencies. This includes the new product version 11.2, which focuses on a new attack scenario where hardware microphones are used as an espionage instrument. In addition, the analysis options of the INSIGHT module have also been extended, since it is also important to gather as many facts as possible about the current safety level when analyzing the individual protection requirements.

The enemy is listening

In order to steal data from the corporate network, attackers have developed many attack options, which you can protect yourself against with EgoSecure Data Protection. But if you try not to use data, but to use the hardware as an espionage tool, which is possible, for example, through the built-in microphones, you had to lock the whole class, which often affected the playback. In the new version 11.2, the Access Control module has therefore been extended by a protection against interception attacks, in which only the recording function of the microphone is to be blocked. Microphones, which are to be switched on unintentionally via a malware, can now be blocked directly. The setting is as usual: simple and intuitive via the console.


Numerous extensions of the analysis possibilities

The strategy of the INSIGHT module includes the fact that the analysis possibilities are constantly being expanded due to customer requirements. In the new version 11.2 such extensions can naturally also be found. For example, you can now analyze how many users store data in the cloud and on which platforms – Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Yandex Disk, and so on. It is also possible to see which encryption type has been selected for files which are transferred – individual, group, company or mobile encryption. It is also possible to see which files have been transferred unencrypted and which encryption type has been used –  a category you should take a close look at.

Keeping an overview

However, it is also important to keep an overview of all analysis options. Therefore, it is now possible to ignore datatypes, which can be assumed to be not critical (e.g. temporary files, desktop.ini, etc.). This ensures that you can concentrate on the data which is a potential danger.


EgoSecure Data Protection 11.2 already supports Windows Server 2016

As always, we are especially fast when Microsoft releases new product versions. This also applies to the new version of Windows Server 2016, which we already support with the new release.

These are only a few innovations that should make the new version interesting for you. Get to know all the new features and modifications in our detailed changelog document, which you will find here. Or simply test the new version.

The test version can be found here.