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EgoSecure Health Care Data


Patient data security for hospitals and surgeries

Privacy is a fundamental right of all people in Germany. Hospitals and general practitioners are responsible for the data that is entrusted to them by their patients. Especially health data are particularly sensitive and very interesting for some dubious actors, because they can sell those. to insurance companies or use them for marketing purposes. Already in 2008, the physicians associations of the various federal states pointed out the issues of data protection and data security. They also suggested very concrete organizational and technical measures. The basis for these measures requested is the Data Protection Act, which especially protects the personal data of natural persons. The law requires more than just a firewall and anti-virus protection to protect the data against cyber attacks from the Internet. In § 9 Clause 1 of the general provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act, it says that in addition to many organizational and technical measures are explicitly required:

  • Access and admission control.
  • Subsequent observation of accesses (logging).
  • Encryptions for different data routes.
  • Secure data deletion.

IT security managers in hospitals, but also doctors, that have to taje care of data protection themselves, now face the challenge of creating a level of data protection for their patients that meets the requirements of the government. But without great expense and personal use. An optimal solution would have to offer the following:

  • Easy and fast installation; without external help if possible .
  • Intuitive administration without training of IT staff.
  • Smooth integration into the usual work procedures.
  • Transparent information about safety related restrictions of rights, without needing help from the helpdesk.

The solution is called EgoSecure Health Care Data

EgoSecure Health Care Data is a fully integrated solution for the lawful data protection in hospitals and medical practices. It can be installed quickly and largely without external help. It offers complete protection after a simple basic installation . The administration is intuitive via a central management console – expensive and time-consuming trainings are not necessary. Also user – trainings are not necessary, because EgoSecure Health Care Data is integrated into the normal workflow of the user. Often antivirus solutions are already used in hospitals and practices. In this case EgoSecure Health Care Data adds protection by the mentioned functions, while the existing anti-virus protection is working as usual. EgoSecure Health Care Data also offers an anti-virus solution if needed. Find our references here! Go Back to the overview of industries.