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EgoSecure Citizen Data


Secure citizens data in municipalities and counties

Data protection is a fundamental right of all people. Local authorities are responsible for the data that is entrusted to them by the citizens. The data protection officer of the countries focus on the “well-informed citizen” who decides carefully and consciously which security is suitable for his data. Therefore, all local authorities have a duty, because a high level of data protection increases the citizens’ trust and data losses can quickly become a political issue. Following security measures should be implemented:

  • Access and admission control.
  • Subsequent observation of accesses (logging).
  • Encryptions for different data routes.

IT security managers in local governments face the challenge of creating a lawful level of data protection for the citizens with tight budgets and less manpower. But they nevertheless have to consider current trends in the local IT environment , e.g. virtualization. Thus, the optimal solution would have to be able to offer the following:

  • Easy and quick installation, without external help.
  • Smooth and rapid interaction of the different functions, without any performance – loss.
  • Support for virtual environments.
  • Intuitive administration without special training for the IT team.
  • Smooth integration into the usual work processes of the users.
  • Transparent information on safety- related rights limitations that leave no requests to the help desk.

The solution is EgoSecure Citizen Data!

EgoSecure Citizen Data is a fully integrated solution for the lawful data protection in local administrations. I´s installed quickly and largely without external help and offers a complete protection after a simple installation. All functions rely on only one database. The administration is centrally managed via a console. Expensive and time-consuming trainings are not not necessary, since the management is very intuitive and EgoSecure Citizen Data integrates into the familiar workflow of the user. The open architecture also allows integration into diverse system landscapes with partly old hard- and software installations. The functional scope of EgoSecure Citizen Data can be expanded without additional installation for specific usage scenarios: the Anti-Virus Edition or the Green IT edition: ANTI-VIRUS EDITION: the market-leading antivirus solution, complemented by an application control, offers reliable protection for many viruses, even those which signatures are still unknown. GREEN-IT EDITION: supports Green IT strategies of the federal states and saves costs for the operation of IT. The investment in EgoSecure CITIZEN DATA pays for itself with Green IT in less than one year. You would like to find out more about EgoSecure Citizen Data? Please contact us.