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General questions about EgoSecure

Where can I find the download file of the newest version?

Existing customers / Partners
New customers/ Prospectives

Download Trial Version

How is the license model of EgoSecure structured?

License model EgoSecure Endpoint :
Purchase licensing or subscription agreement.
Module licensing on user, computer, or mobile device – level.
Licensing is done according to the named user license model.
Number of licenses to be calculated based on managed objects (user / computer)
License is released if it is disabled or deleted.
No additional licensing costs for installing server or client component.

Where do I add my license file?

In the EgoSecure console under “Administration – License Management”.

Will I receive a report when installing the license file?

As a rule, the licensee is not correct. This information is from the “ReadMe” file, which is attched to the license file.

The company

When did the development of the software begin?

The development of the current solution EgoSecure Data Protection started in 2005.

How big is the company?

More than 65 employees.
(01/2015 )

Number of customers?

More than 2,000 worldwide.

In which countries does EgoSecure operate?

In January 2015, EgoSecure had been established in more than 40 countries  worldwide.

In which industries is the software mainly used ?

The software is not sector specific and can be used anywhere.
A lot of customers we currently have, work in the following sectors:

  • Banks
  • Military
  • Insurance
  • Hospitals and health insurance companies
  • Local Authorities and Councils
  • Ministries and agencies
  • Automotive industry
  • Industry (general)

Technical questions

Is Windows 10 supported by EgoSecure Data Protection ?

EgoSecure always pays attention to the support of current operating systems. Thus following modules of EgoSecure Data Protection are available for Windows 10:

  • Access Control
  • Antivirus
  • Application Control
  • Audit
  • Bitlocker Management
  • Device Encryption
  • Folder Encryption (Cloud , Local directories , network share)
  • Full Disk Encryption
  • Green IT
  • Mail Encryption
  • Secure Erase
  • Insight
Does EgoSecure Data Protection support Windows 8.1?

EgoSecure always pays attention to the support of current operating systems. Thus following modules of EgoSecure Data Protection are available for Windows 8.1:

  • Access Control
  • Antivirus
  • Application Control
  • Audit
  • Bitlocker Management
  • Device Encryption
  • Folder Encryption (Cloud, Local directories, network share)
  • Full Disk Encryption
  • Green IT
  • Mail Encryption
  • Secure Erase
  • Insight
What are the minimum request to the systems?

On the server´s side it depends on the number of agents, but the following resources are required in normal operation:

Server 100 MB 5 GB
Client 200 MB 500 MB
Is additional software is required?

Yes , a database server is needed. The following servers are supported:

  • SQL Server 2000 SP3 from
  • SQL Server Express from 2005
  • MySQL Server
  • MSDE
  • Unsupported Database Server: Oracle & MS Access
Where can I get the client – Setup?

The MSI package for the client will be created through the console after the installation of the server.

How can the EgoSecure Agent be installed?

The MSI package for the client can be distributed in several ways:

  • EgoSecure console
  • Group Policy (GPO)
  • Software distribution
  • Logon Script
  • Manually
Is the communication between EgoSecure components encrypted?

EgoSecure always considers the current security requirements of enterprises and government agencies. This way we make sure, that an encrypted communication is ensured between the respective components. All sensitive information such as encryption keys are always encrypted during transfer and storage.
In addition, EgoSecure provides the SSL and TLS encryption for communications between the following components:

  • EgoSecure Agent
  • EgoSecure Device (MDM)
  • EgoSecure console
  • EgoSecure Mobile Device Management
  • EgoSecure Root CA
  • EgoSecure Server

Since EgoSecure generally considers the current standard for the use of encryption, appropriate security vulnerabilities as 1.2 Poodle are avoided by the use of SSL 3.3 and TLS.

Can the EgoSecure servers be installed on virtualized servers ?

The installation of EgoSecure server in a virtual environments is no problem.

Is Directory Services supported?

The following services are supported:

  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Novell eDirectory 4.91 SP2 and above
  • open LDAP
  • Workgroups / stand-alone computer means,EgoSecure Own Directory’
Is it possible to install and maintain multiple directories structures in one environment?

Yes, via the domain controller management several ADs can be registered. In addition, the own directory can always be maintained.

Which operating systems are supported by EgoSecure Antivirus?

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
All listed operating systems are supported in all versions and bit variations.
Since the antivirus solution is a client version, it is not recommended to use server operating systems without an collusion with the EgoSecure GmbH.

Does EgoSecure support Windows Embedded ?

In principle yes. The EgoSecure Agent is executable in Windows Embedded. But there is no official release or guarantee by the EgoSecure GmbH. Before productive use, a sufficient test is recommended.

Does EgoSecure support Citrix environment?

In principle, the EgoSecure Agentworks on a Citrix server. When logging into the Citrix session the user receives pre-configured rights. However, not all functions, which can be used in ” normal ” Windows environment, are available.

Are configurations on the firewall necessary?

Only the TCP ports 6005 and 6006 and 6011 (only when using an MDM server) have to be released for communication . This apllies as followed:

incoming                                                    outgoing
agent                              6006                                                           6005
server                             6005                                                           6006
console                           6006                                                           6005
MDM Server                   6011                                                                –
The ports can be changed arbitrarily and at any time . Also separate ports for agent and console, and an extra https port are possible for an advanced configuration.

Can the server also be administered by other hosts?

Yes, by a linking or copying the console by any computer. Attention has to be paid to the port releases. The console is located in the installation directory of the EgoSecure server. Furthermore, detailed administrative roles can be assigned to allow any unrestricted administration.

Can I install several EgoSecure server as a cluster?

Yes. Only keep in mind to select the existing database when installing an additional server. The EgoSecure server can then be configured so that a sequence (reliability), or a random distribution (load balancing & reliability) exists.
Furthermore, certain agent groups can be assigned to a primary server.

How many agents can be administered with EgoSecure?

There is no fixed limit. The maximum number is limited basically only by the resources, but these can be extended arbitrarily  by server clusters.

Challanges and solutions

Can I move with the EgoSecure Server ?

Yes, therefore a new EgoSecure server is installed while the old database is specified during installation. If name and/or IP adress of the EgoSecure server remain the same, no further steps are necessary. All agents will find the new server automatically. If this is not the case, the following steps can be performed :

  • Create MSI package on the new server and update all agents
  • DNS routing from the old server IP to the new IP
  • Prioritize the new server higher than the old one under Administration> Server Management. Change the connection method to “server sequence” (this option only works if the old server is still online)
Can I move with the EgoSecure database ?

Yes, therefore the SQL Server has to be stopped. Afterwards, the .mdf and .ldf files have to be copied the from SQL, data ‘ in the EgoSecure database. Then, these files are stored in the file system of the new SQL server and added  to the new database server using the SQL Management Studio console. Subsequently the database settings have to be updated in the EgoSecure Admintool, so that the new server can be found.

The installation of the EgoSecure server fails when connecting to the database.

Check if:

  • Connectivity to the database server exists (possibly check with ping, telnet)
  • The SQL server is configured with the “mixed mode”
  • The specified SQL administrator has sufficient rights to create a new table
  • The entered the password for the SQL administrator is correct
The installation was completed. But logging on to the Management Console is not possible.

Check if:

  • The correct “connection port” has been specified in the admin tool.
  • The firewall is configured correctly when starting the console from another computer.
  • The EgoSecure and database server service is started.
  • The Windows user, that is logged on to Windows, is deposited as an administrator in the console. And make sure that the user, that is mentioned in the login window exists.
The installation of agents on the management console fails.

Check if:

  • The computer which is installed and is switched on.
  • The required ports have been released for communication (default : 6005 & 6006 TCP TCP).
  • The specified administrator for the installation has sufficient rights to perform a software installation.
  • The necessary Group Policy has been configured correctly and is active (see manual).
The rights of the client are different from the rights defined in the console or can not be changed.

Check if:

  • The SID, which is visible through the agent, corresponds with the one in the console.
  • The client is online, if no rights were given for the scenario “Offline”.
  • The user or computer rights apply.
  • The required ports have been released for communication (default: 6005 & 6006 TCP TCP).
How can I check the communication capability of Server and Client?

In general, the ports are 6005 and 6006 used for communication between server and client over a XMLRPC protocol. You can check the connectivity through a ping or telnet by using the command line (cmd).


  • Server to Client: Ping Client IP
  • Client to Server: Ping Server IP


  • Server to Client: Telnet Client IP 6006
  • Client to Server: Telnet Server IP 6005