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Reliable protection of your private data by the professionals

For more than 12 years, we have been protecting companies and public institutions reliably and comprehensively from data losses on devices. More than 2,300 customers worldwide rely on our solution, which runs on more than 2 million computers.
However, devices are not only to be found in the professional environment, but also at home. You probably also use a computer, a tablet or a smart phone at home – possibly even all at once. But how are these devices protected? Is a Windows firewall and an anti-virus solution really sufficient?

We say NO and therefore ask the following questions:

How do you deal with your passwords?

Online banking, online shopping, access to your e-mail account, access to social media platforms etc. – you need passwords for everything. However security experts recommend that you never use the same password for different accounts, because if you lose it, everything is compromised. Experts also recommend using a secure combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters to make it more difficult for hacker tools. But who wants to remember so many different complex passwords? Writing them down cannot be the solution, as the records can also be mislaid or stolen.

The solution: The password manager in EGOSECURE HOME DATA PROTECTION “locks” all your passwords in a secure “Safe”. All you have to do is remember the password for the password manager. As all passwords are additionally encrypted, you can also use Password Manager in the cloud, which means that your passwords are available to you everywhere.

How do you transport sensitive data?

Surely you know the situation where you want to transport data that should not get into foreign hands. For example, financial data for the bank, income data for the tax consultant, health data for the doctor, or simply the latest vacation photos of your children for friends and relatives. How can you make sure that nobody can read the data if, for example, you lose a storage device?

The solution: EGOSECURE HOME DATA PROTECTION automatically encrypts your external storage media every time you save, without having to perform an additional step.

Do you also use the cloud, and how secure do you feel about it?

A lot of data are now stored in the cloud. However, these data are available on the internet, and are therefore basically accessible to others. Cloud providers advertise their encryption features. However, we know – thanks to Edward Snowden – that American companies must reveal their encryption keys to the authorities. Unfortunately it is probable that the situation in other countries is not any better.

The solution: trust only your own encryption. EGOSECURE HOME DATA PROTECTION simply encrypts all data that you put into the cloud when saving. The decryption key is not stored in the cloud and the data can only be decrypted on your computer.

Did you know that the Windows delete function does not really delete?

Didn’t you know that yet? It’s true – if you delete a file with the normal Windows functions, the file is not deleted, only the link to the file. The file itself is easily retrievable with appropriate tools. If you want to destroy a storage device or a computer with a hard drive, you should ensure that the data is permanently deleted.

The solution: The Secure Erase function in EGOSECURE HOME DATA PROTECTION deletes data reliably and permanently by multiple overwriting. It is therefore no longer possible to re-create the data, and no one can see data that you have created over the years.

How much should private data security actually cost?

Of course, there are free antivirus solutions, but do you really trust them? Probably not, because even the identification and provision of up-to-date virus signatures need to be paid for in order to be reliable. Therefore it is normal to pay a certain amount for an annual anti-virus solution license. Nevertheless, it would be nicer if you had to pay as little as possible for as much as possible.

The solution: EGOSECURE HOME DATA PROTECTION is priced at € 27 for the annual license covering 3 devices. This is not only cheaper than conventional antivirus products, but also offers much more performance, as described. In addition, the Green-IT functions can save you considerably more money than you spend on the annual license. After all, Green-IT intelligently manages the power consumption of your computer, and switches off any unused components, then switches them back on when needed.

All the functions of EGOSECURE HOME DATA PROTECTION at a glance:

  • – Anti-virus protection
  • – Secure and final deletion of data
  • – Password Manager
  • – Encryption for external storage devices
  • – Cloud encryption
  • – Intelligent management of your computers’ power consumption (Green-IT)


What you get for € 27 (annual license for 3 devices):

  • – A more economical price than conventional anti-virus products
  • – Much more performance than traditional anti-virus products
  • – Over 12 years experience in data security
  • – Green-IT features that save more money than the annual license costs

The full range of functions is available for all common Windows versions as of Windows 7 SP1.
Encryption apps for iOS and Android can be found in the respective app stores.

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EgoSecure Home Data Protection Trial Version

Step 1: Download the installation file.

  • EgoSecure Home Data Protection for 64 Bit versions of Windows (recommended): click here!
  • EgoSecure Home Data Protection for 32 Bit versions of Windows: click here!

Step 2: Perform the installation after downloading.

Step 3: Activate your 30 days free of charge version with the following code: CF91C-946C0-F54FB-788AB-B71AB

Purchase an EgoSecure Home Data Protection license for 3 devices: Visit our online shop …

The full range of functions is available for all common Windows versions as of Windows 7 SP1.
Encryption apps for iOS and Android can be found in the respective app stores.


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