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Egon & Friends

EgoSecure is working with well-recognized IT companies and promotes the constant exchange of information, interfaces and the integration between the respective solution providers.

Through this close cooperation with our strategic alliances, our experts are constantly expanding their technological know-how. In this exchange we recognize promising trends as well as IT security threats early and ensure you a technological advantage.

Together with established product manufacturers we can purposefully address and solve your challenges.

Cooperation partner of EgoSecure GmbH

Avira GmbH & Co. KG – Centralized management of Avira Antivirus Pro

EgoSecure Data Protection is not only fully compatible with Avira’s enterprise security solution, it also provides centralized management of the Avira clients. Thus it is possible for you to change the configuration, manage the licenses and install or deinstall through the on-premises management console of EgoSecure. Combined with the other protection modules of EgoSecure you will achieve a higher IT security standard on your endpoints.

More information can be found here:  Central management of Avira Antivirus Pro

Bitdefender S.R.L. – Integrated AntiVirus Engine

As a allround Data Protection solution, EgoSecure, through its seamless integrated Bitdefender engine, also offers protection from viruses and malware of all sorts. This engine has been an integral part of the EgoSecure AntiVirus module since 2012.

Paessler AG – PRTG Network Monitoring

Monitoring expert Paessler is the world leader in IT infrastructure monitoring with PRTG Network Monitor with more than 200,000 installations worldwide. The solution supports all relevant monitoring protocols and methods and thus enables the integration of a wide variety of devices and systems in a central monitoring.

PRTG offers a range of options for custom integration of devices and solutions such as an API and a whole range of so-called custom sensors. This makes it very easy to integrate information from EgoSecure into PRTG.

Based on this data, PRTG provides long-term evaluations and can send notifications and alerts via different channels in the event of anomalies or the violation of defined thresholds, such as by e-mail, SMS or as a push notification on mobile devices. In addition, PRTG offers various options for reporting and publishing the data.

In May 2018, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation entered into force. As a result, companies are subject to completely new data security and processing requirements. The combination of Data Protection and Network Monitoring, ie EgoSecure and PRTG, helps you to implement numerous requirements of the GDPR.

Example of disk encryption: For security reasons, all USB data carriers of a company must be encrypted, so that in case of theft or loss of a data carrier no access by unauthorized persons is possible. EgoSecure identifies unencrypted data carriers, transmits this information to PRTG as the central monitoring authority and PRTG immediately informs the responsible colleague.

With EgoSecure and Paessler, you benefit from:

  • Comprehensive protection of your data
  • Additional security through central monitoring of IT infrastructure and data protection
  • Improved overview

Download a trial version of PRTG: https://www.paessler.com/download/prtg-download

Watch the joint german webinar “Reaching EU-GDPRCompliance through Data Protection & Network Monitoring”: https://youtu.be/hOZVBLT9As0

PRESENSE Technologies GmbH – Kiosk PC for the safe handling of foreign media

With the common interface, EgoSecure and PRESENSE provide increased security when dealing with foreign external storage devices. If a storage device wasn’t scanned by the “Kiosk PC for the safe handling of foreign media”, EgoSecure automatically blocks its access at each EgoSecure protected workstation.

The new integration of the PRESENSE Kiosk PC for the safe handling of foreign media JANUS and PROVAIA and EgoSecure’s Access Control module makes it easier for organisations to secure foreign media. The Kiosk PC for the safe handling of foreign media scans, for example, storage devices for harmful content and marks them afterwards as “clean”, through which EgoSecure automatically unblocks the checked data.


SEPPmail AG – Secure E-Mail Gateway

In cooperation with SEPPmail AG from Switzerland, EgoSecure offers virtual and physical e-mail gateways to, among other things, encrypt or sign e-mails.

Sending and receiving digitaly signed and encrypted e-mails is easier than ever before. Thanks to the patented, world leading Secure E-Mail Gateway, SMEs as well as larger companies can secure their entire e-mail communication on the highest level – with a minimum of effort and easy handling for sender and receiver.


Yubico AB – Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

With the “Full Disk Encryption” module from EgoSecure you can make sure that sensitive information does not fall into wrong hands in the event that a laptop is lost or stolen.

“Full Disk Encryption” securely and efficiently encrypts the entire disk or partitions at the sector level. This solution offers an additional pre-boot authentication if desired, which authenticates the user even before the operating system is started.

EgoSecure supports a two-factor authentication with YubiKeys from Yubico. Instead of the traditional single-factor authentication via username and password, a YubiKey can be used for a two-factor authentication. This increases the overall security of the solution.

Not only does the YubiKey offer a powerfull two-factor authentication, it also is simple and straightforward for the user.






If you have questions, suggestions or are interested in a strategic alliance with EgoSecure, feel free to contact alliances@egosecure.com.