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About us

With our product EGOSECURE DATA PROTECTION we have been the innovation leader in the field of comprehensive data security for more than 10 years. The first product was developed and released in 2005 in Ettlingen, Baden Wurttemberg (Germany), where the company is located. Since then we were able to win more than 2,000 customers of all sizes and many sectors.

With the analysis module INSIGHT and the 20 PROTECTION FUNCTIONS, we are the first manufacturer worldwide that combines the analysis of the data flow with the safeguards for data in one solution. Our philosophy is not to install privacy practices based on speculation, what threats there might be, but on the basis of specific facts, which individual threats to a corresponding company actually exist. With INSIGHT it is also possible to constantly review the level of protection and, if necessary, to customize it.


In 2012 we introduced the porcupine Egon as an integral part of our corporate identity. The porcupine resonates particularly well with our corporate philosophy, because it is one of the few animals on Earth that needs to fear no natural enemies due to its innovative defense strategy.
The spines are the longest in the entire realm of mammals and are of very different nature, so that they provide optimum protection to each body site.
Even much larger predators do not try to attack a porcupine, and if they try, well let’s just say they won´t try again! And the same could be said of those who might try to attack our customers’ data. However, porcupines are not unpleasant fellows though, quite the contrary. They are very easy to care for, need social contact and are playful. Towards their own they can re-orientate their spines so that they do not hurt them and they snuggle up in cold weather to keep each other warm. Our solution is designed the same way. Although it protects very effectively, it is are friendly to administrators and users. The administration is very intuitive and the protective measures take place in the background. This way the users are not disturbed whilst going about their daily work.

Milestones of the company´s history
  • 2005 – First version of the product Device Management
  • 2007 – Portfolio Expansion: Application Management
  • 2008 – Expansion to multiple encryption technologies
  • 2010 – Data Destruction and Power Management
  • 2011 – Natalya Kaspersky invests in the company
  • 2012 – Renaming of cynapspro GmbH to EgoSecure GmbH
  • 2012 – New product philosophy (C.A.F.E principle, mobile worlds, etc.)
  • 2013 – New module: Folder Encryption
  • 2013 – Integrated Cloud Security following the C.A.F.E-principle (the world’s first solution)
  • 2014 – Acquisition of EncryptionHDD (formerly Secude FinallySecure)
  • 2014 – Extension to Network Encryption and Internet-Audit 2014 – New module: E-Mail Encryption
  • 2015 – Special solutions for municipalities and for the health care sector
  • 2015 – The new module INSIGHT leads into a new era in data security
  • 2015 – Change of the release strategy – the versions 10.1 and 10.2 hit the market
  • 2015 – Over 2,000 customers use EgoSecure Data Protection (as of 12/2015)

Our customers
  • More than 2,000 customers (as of 12/2015).
  • Numerous DAX companies.
  • Large number of medium-sized enterprises.
  • Almost all industries are represented.
  • Large number of clients from the public sector.
  • Including many companies with an enhanced security level (banks, criminal police offices, data centers, etc.).


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