IT security specialists will have to work more closely together in the future…

…therefore we are always open to talking with other software and hardware manufacturers. The goal is to promote the collaboration of genuine specialists in the various sectors of the IT industry so that customers can not only meet with “big players” with rudimentary functionalities, but can also get complete offers from the experts in the various IT security sectors.
“Most major manufacturers have taken the ‘easy route’ over the last few years – they’ve bought in the missing functionality, and it’s only good on paper,” says Sergej Schlotthauer, CEO of EgoSecure. The biggest problem here is that most purchased solutions are not developed at all, but only minimally customised. The IT industry is developing very fast, new devices are introduced every week. There are always changes at the hardware and software level. In most IT security solutions, this is not sufficient to address new threats and developments quickly enough. A manufacturer in the IT industry should keep their expertise in focus, and look at the product development in a determined way. This is how we specialize our solution in the area of Data Protection. Nevertheless, we see ourselves as obliged to cooperate with experts from complementary IT divisions. This is why we are strengthening our “Strategic Alliances” division.

Daniel Döring has been Head of Professional Services at EgoSecure since 2007 and has been responsible for strategic alliances since the beginning of 2017. “The expansion of co-operation offers us the opportunity to optimally coordinate complementary solutions and to combine expert knowledge. I am pleased to be able to meet new requirements in the IT market together with focused manufacturers,” says Döring. In his role he will intensify the positioning of the company with strategic alliance partners, and further develop the company’s orientation towards cooperation with established IT manufacturers. With his many years of experience in the IT industry he aims to make the collaboration with strategic partners even more efficient and targeted.

EgoSecure already has active co-operation with established manufacturers such as Bitdefender, Macmon, Yubico, Sepp-Mail. PreSense and F-Secure now also join us as partners.