EgoSecure Data Protection 12: No more blind IT security

The new IntellAct module provides intelligent and automated defense against attacks on company data.

In May 2017, the new product version 12 of the market-leading EgoSecure Data Protection solution will be introduced to the market. Important innovations include the intelligent component IntellAct for automated defense scenarios, two-factor authentication for all types of encryption, permanent data encryption and much more.

Insight and IntellAct – an intelligent combination

EgoSecure Data Protection V12 combines transparency for data streams on computers and defensive functions in one. The Insight module collects facts about the data protection-relevant situation in the network and prepares this information in graphics and tables for IT management and administrators. So far, however, decision-makers have had to react themselves, and set up the protective measures for the respective situation. This can lead to dangerous time losses in the worst case. Thanks to IntellAct, this step can now be automated based on previously defined rules. In addition, there is the possibility of comparing with normal values in order to automatically detect anomalies or critical situations. The integrated interface to the network access control specialist Macmon also allows you to automatically disconnect conspicuous computers from the network, or to move them to predefined VLANs until the problem is solved. The automation of IT security is a recent trend that is being debated at security conferences around the world, and has also been a topic at this year’s RSA in San Francisco. However, we already realised  this necessity many years ago, and can now provide a suitable solution.

Further innovations in the field of encryption

An important innovation, which resulted from dialogue with customers, is a permanent encryption. The existing modules use an on-the-fly encryption due to much better usability. However, in practice, there are rare cases where container encryption also makes sense. This has now been implemented into the new version as a new module.
EgoSecure is the first manufacturer to offer two completely different versions of a Pre-Boot Authentication. In addition to the tried-and-tested but hardware-dependent variant, which was based on hardened Linux, a completely new development was realised under the name “simple PBA” on UEFI. This ensures the disappearance of previous problems for the user caused by lack of Linux support for the latest hardware drivers. Of course, the UEFI itself has a limited smart card and graphical support, which explains the name “simple”, but provides the customer with a ready-for-use alternative at any time.

Intelligent Pre Boot Authentication (PBA)

The Adaptive Boot Mode (ABM) of the current version ensures that the Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) remains running at all times, even if problems occur during the installation of the computer. After the restart, ABM simply tries to boot a “reduced” installation – until a running version of the PBA has been found that supports as many functions as possible. This means that an executable version is always found without the user having to deal with it – the software practically fixes the problem itself.

Two-factor authentication for all encryption types

The issue of two-factor authentication is becoming increasingly important. Before you decrypt the data, you want to ensure that the user is actually sitting in front of the computer, that also has the rights to decrypt. Previously, the two-factor authentication could only be used for hard disk encryption. From version 12.1 on, this functionality will also be available for all other encryption methods. This is especially convenient with the hardware from EgoSecure Partner Yubico.

Simply beautiful security

Another new module proves again that we are focusing on “simply beautiful solutions”. The Password Manager brings an overview to the jungle of many different passwords, and also allows secure storage and management of confidential information.

All important innovations at a glance:

  • – A permanent encryption that implements a container encryption parallel to the previous on-the-fly encryption.
  • – The separation of Pre-Boot Authentication from Full Disk Encryption, which makes both functions even more flexible and allows PreBoot Authentication for BitLocker.
  • – Simultaneous support for multiple hard disks in Full Disk Encryption
  • – The password manager, which brings an overview to the jungle of many different passwords  – in the proven “simply beautiful way”.
  • – UEFI Based PBA that has no hardware dependencies.
  • – Adaptive Boot Mode (ABM), which automatically solves potential problems with new or unknown hardware.
  • – 2-factor authentication for all types of encryption – Cloud, USB, Folder or network encryption.
  • – Many extensions in the application control area.
  • – Different ways to inventory software.
  • – The possibility to install additional encryption providers as an alternative to the AES or RSA encryption algorithms.

And much more!

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