2016 – the best year in the history of EgoSecure

2016 certainly was a pretty exciting year for all of us – also with regard to data security. For the first time it was thought possible that hackers influenced the outcome of an election. And not any election, but the one of the world’s largest economy. Whether it´s true or not, we will probably never find out, but no one doubts that it was possible from a technical point of view. Data security is still a major issue and will remain so. Our solution for secure data not only achieved top results in various tests and our customer survey, but also in numerous projects. Thus we could grow more than industry-average – 2016 was the most profitable year in the history of EgoSecure.

This success was mainly possible due to three things:

  • – December 2016 was the strongest month of EgoSecure´s history: In the IT industry it is not unusual that the last quarter of the year is the one with the biggest sales. Nevertheless, the December broke all records.
  • – We were able to complete the third largest order in the company’s history: We have been working on the project for quite some time, although the actual decision for EgoSecure Data Protection has been made quite a while ago. But since we are talking about a German state ministry, the bureaucratic path to the final order was quite rocky.
  • – The international structure bears fruit: The opening of new locations worldwide also led to an increase in foreign sales. In addition, important steps have been taken to ensure a steady worldwide growth.