EgoSecure Data Protection 11 is now available!

EgoSecure Data Protection 11 offers numerous improvements, but also many new features.

Ettlingen, May 23, 2016 – The new analysis module Insight, which we introduced in the product version 10 last year, received much positive attention. Thereby EgoSecure Data Protection is the first security solution worldwide which combines the analysis of the data flow and the according protection modules in one product. The feedback from many installations has been used to further improve Insight and many other features. All optimizations and numerous innovations, such as Inventory, now appear in the new version 11.

It has always been part of EgoSecure´s development strategy to upgrade and optimize the solution in close dialogue with the customer. When it comes to the analysis module Insight, this strategy is taken to a new level. Although the first version delivered many facts about data security issues, of course there were still a lot of things from the practice of the various industries that were not known from the start. Many of these customer’s suggestions were now included in the new version 11 and enhance the analysis capabilities of Insight significantly.

With inventory a completely new feature is launched

The new function Inventory provides administrators with important information about the state of hardware, hard drives, memory, etc. Especially interesting is the fact, that inventory also analyzes changes and makes them visible. It also alerts, if desired, when something changes. Inventory is not necessarily associated with the security functions. However, security also increases through early knowledge about what possible failure of certain components is to be expected. Administrators can act proactively by early detecting major damage and also prevent the emergence of incidence gates for attacks.

Other new features basing on requirements from the practice

Another innovation, which aims specifically at customer requirements, is the process-based encryption. Due to this it is possible to centrally specify with which encryption the EgoSecure Agent should encrypt a document when a particular process is started. So you can, for example, exclude the encryption for specific operations if the documents should be generally readable. It is also possible to assign certain types of encryption to processes. Operator error should be excluded and errors minimized, which in turn leads to less effort in administration and support.

For the use of Surface Pro 3 devices a virtual screen keyboard to support Pre-Boot Authentication has been developed. The hardware keyboard is thus unnecessary for the safe application in the pre-boot phase, which increases the comfort for the users of Microsoft devices significantly. In later versions, this feature is also planned for other touchscreen devices.

These are only the most important innovations of the released version 11 of EgoSecure Data Protection.

The entire new range of functions can be found in our changelog document.

Download the version 11 here.