EgoSecure and Yubico – a partnership for more safety

It’s an unfortunate reality that mobile devices such as laptops and tablets get lost and stolen every day.The cost of a lost or stolen laptop is not the hardware itself but mainly the loss or exposure of financial information, customer records and other potentially sensitive data. This leads to legal problems, damages to reputation, and other consequences.

About 55 percent of German IT Managers claim that their company has already had their portable computer lost or stolen and 46 percent report that this resulted in data loss. Only in 75 percent of the cases was the company able to prove that the data on the device was encrypted. Following the EU’s data protection guidelines, the German Federal Data Protection Act requires encryption of 100 percent of such data. In case of such loss of data, the company has to pay a fine and report the loss publicly, and that can lead to significant damage to the company’s reputation.

To prevent exposure of sensitive corporate information in the event a laptop gets lost or stolen the module “full disk encryption (FDE)” from EgoSecure is considered the best practice to ensure that no data can fall into the wrong hands.

To enhance security, EgoSecure’s full disk encryption application supports two-factor authentication during pre-boot authentication using YubiKeys from Yubico. The traditional single-factor scheme relies on the user to be authenticated with username and password (what the user knows). For stronger security,  a YubiKey (what the user has) is used as a second factor. This significantly increases the overall security of the solution.