EgoSecure launches version 10.2 of EgoSecure Data Protection

Find out why EgoSecure launches version 10.2 shortly after version 10.1 has been released.

With the 10.1 version, our new analysis module Insight was introduced. It was very appreciated during all presentations, as it provides information that IT managers need to introduce specific data protection actions. There is now a new interesting feature in the version 10.2 that has been inspired by the feedback of our customers.The “What’s New” analysis gives you the opportunity to immediately see what has changed in the network. Such changes may, for example, concern new applications which the IT-department, in the case of a normal roll-out, needs to know about.If the IT-department cannot assign a new program, the probability that it does not belong into the network is very high.That way Trojans and Viruses can be detected, even if the signature is not yet known by the antivirus software.

EgoSecure Data Protection 10.2 is now accessible for handicapped people 

Intuitive administration and high usability have always been the top priority of EgoSecure. In the version 10.2 this approach has now been extended for handicapped people. The agent is now barrier free and thus allows employees with impaired vision to implement special reader software that can enlarge or read the screen content. The easy use of EgoSecure Data Protection 10.2 without a mouse is also possible.

The BAD USB is a typical issue that represents the dynamic development of threats. When it appeared for the first time, many manufacturers simply forbid the connection of a second keyboard. In practice, however, it turned out, that this could provide some protection, but also interfered with the working processes – for example, if an employee works with docking stations and needs a second keyboard. EgoSecure Data Protection 10.2 therefore has extended a whitelist method. On the one hand, it is now possible to centrally manage permission to connect a second keyboard. On the other hand, authorized users are also able to permit functions themselves. The user will be informed about a second keyboard connection and can accept or decline the device – because the user usually knows best whether it is necessary to connect something, or whether it is a malicious access that can be prevented right away.
There are some new features in the Full Disk Encryption module that has already gained great success. Profiles were introduced that can easily and intuitively manage recurring configurations at a large number of computers.

The Content Filter in the new version can detect, permit or block not only archives, but also the contents of .zip, .7zip .rar archives. Unpermitted content in the archive can thus be blocked. In addition, the antibridging feature is extended with the flexible use of VPNs.
With support of https it is now possible to easily administrate the agents outside the network, which leads to higher security and flexibility.
These are only the most important new features that are now available with the new version 10.2 and therefore expands the range of functions of the EgoSecure Data Protection.