EgoSecure adjusts release strategy to dynamic threats

IT-departments in companies and public institutions face threats that develop extremely fast and it seems that attackers are always one step ahead. Do classic release strategies of security software vendors work under such circumstances? Most of them release only one or two product versions a year. EgoSecure says “No” and adjusts its release strategy with the introduction of the major release 10 of EgoSecure Data Protection. Shortly after version 10.1, the version 10.2 is released with many new features that efficiently respond to current threats.
“In the last two years we have managed to align the software infrastructure. As a result we need far less time for a release,” explains Sergej Schlotthauer, CEO of EgoSecure. Such infrastructure issues, e.g. the implementation of https, IPv6 or similar ones, which have been tested extensively in the last few months, can now be used. “Security software obviously has to adjust quickly, e.g. with the introduction of Windows 10. A lot of people criticized the fact that some settings activate automatically in the new Microsoft version. Those settings are very questionable from the perspective of European data protection regulations. EgoSecure did not criticize, but reacted! The introduced functions in the new release 10.2 improve the detection and deactivation of doubtful settings”.

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