The new version of EgoSecure Data Protection 10 is the entrance to a new era of data security

With the new version we start into our 10th year. EgoSecure Data Protection 10 is the first solution, that extends the already proven sixteen protection modules by the innovative module Insight. A new era of data security has now begun. First Insight determines the overall situation in the network eg.  which USB storage devices were actually used over a defined period of time, what has been saved on them or brought into the company, which data have been stored in the cloud, which applications are actually used and more. The results of this analysis are then processed into management needs and displayed in graphs and tables, of course always considering the employees rights. Insight provides the facts to draw an overall picture of the data security for every business and organization individually. Then the protective measures that are really needed can be introduced. The analysis and safeguards are closely linked in a solution via a management console, a database, an administration concept and an installation.

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The next generation of data security also means significant cost savings that are increased by the use of the already known Green IT module. The test mode is a new feature in Green IT, which can simulate functions to individually determine how much the company can save.

Further changes and enhanced protection against BAD-USB

In the new version, the protection against the so-called badUSB has been extended. Thus, in addition to existing protection mechanisms in the current version you can manage the known network keyboards with a whitelist approach and allow the users to decide whether a keyboard is enabled or not, if it is required. Moreover, not only the keyboards but also the PC mice are managed, which many other manufacturers do not provide. The Application Control module has been extended with an audit function that now provides direct control of authorized applications.

In the new version neither Trojans nor malicious administrators can “get” user encrypted data, the user can be informed about every access attempt and even block. This function can be configured even process-dependently. Secude’s Hard Disk Encryption, which was acquired in the beginning of 2014 after 6 years of OEM partnership, was completely revised for the new version to adapt to modern and future-oriented architecture and simple management of EgoSecure. AES – NI and UEFI are also supported now. Problems with OPAL caused by vendors do not occur now. Management and data encryption of mobile devices were separated in the field of MDM. It resulted in two new apps for iOS and Android, which took over the encryption functions. The new version of the MacOS client is also available in the Beta.

By implementing SSL and https not only the internal traffic is safe, but even the management outside the network gets a security gain: especially great in the field of SaaS.
And these are only the most significant changes that EgoSecure Data Protection version 10 includes.

Click here for product download and changelog document

Why does version 10 follow version 5.7.?

The new product is released under the name “Version 10” in the market as the consolidation of versions was needed due to the acquisition of Secude’s Full Disk Encryption solution. The last Secude version 9.7 was completely revised – so it was logical to release version 10. A mixed version which would combine functions of version 6 and 10 would make no sense.
The functions in version 5.7 have already had a 10-years development phase, however, it was not reflected in the version numbers. We often presented major releases as minor ones, what also explains the number of releases within version 5.
So there are some logical reasons for naming the version 10 – just as we have done!