Beta phase of 10 starts

First look at a new era of data security

With the implementation of the innovative new module Insight in the upcoming version 10 of EgoSecure Data Protection we start a new path in the field of data security. The reason for the purchase of a data protection solution should not be the fear, that spread panic in the market, but concrete facts. Insight provides information concerning the actual, data security related situation in your IT network and therefor creates the basis for a professional and economic decision regarding the necessary protective measures. There are also a lot new features in the proven protection modules of EgoSecure Data Protection.

The new product version 10 now in the beta phase.

The main innovations in EgoSecure Data Protection:

  • A new era in data security begins due to the introduction of the module Insight.
  • No chance for BAD – USBs: new version offers additional protection.
  • New auditing capabilities in application control.
  • No ” eavesdropping ” of sensitive information by Trojans, e.g.
  • User receives a notification of access attempts and can prevent access.
  • Numerous improvements in disk encryption.
  • Two new encryption applications for Android and iOS through the spin-offs of the encryption from the MDM module.

Click here to directly go to the download of the beta version.