Special Newsletter – Release of EgoSecure Endpoint 5.7

Last but not least

And once again – all of a sudden and unexpected, we are close to Christmas. But before we all get into a festive mood, foolowing the motto “The best comes last”, we publish our new version EgoSecure Endpoint 5.7. Perhaps there is a possibility to take a look at it bewtween the holidays.

There is a number of improvements in the minor release compared to the existing version. On the other hand, there are also some interesting new features which we would like to describe here:

Additional safeguards against BAD – USB

About three months ago the ARD magazine Monitor reported on an attack scenario against which many companies and government agencies would be largely unprotected.

The current version 5.6 already offered numerous protection modules against this type of attack. For the new version 5.7, however, the attack patterns were analyzed again and the scope of the module access control expanded accordingly.

macmon and EgoSecure – two strong partners for more safety

At this year’s it-sa we announced the technology partnership with macmon, the specialist for Network Access Control (NAC) from Berlin. In EgoSecure Endpoint 5.7 the macmon solution is now integrated. In the EgoSecure console it is now possible to define certain conditions. In this case the NAC system is activated. Macmon can then block the network access for the appropriate client.

Audit with more filter options

Also the module Audit has new features in the version 5.7. The new operation filter gives you the possibility to view only certain activities, such as the writing of data. The evaluation lists are therefor much clearer than before.

MDM controls cameras and microphones

In the field of mobile device management, it is now possible to display the last connections of smartphones. In addition, cameras and microphones can be managed, so you can limit the possibilities of espionage targets on Android devices.

Beta version of the new HDD Encryption starts

Together with the introduction of the new product version, the new beta version of the disk encryption of EgoSecure is launched. Following the acquisition of the product Finally Secure by Secude, the solution has now been provided with a new Linux kernel and the installation and configuration are adapted to the proverbial administration friendliness à la EgoSecure.

Download the new versions
Here you can download the new version EgoSecure Enpoint 5.7

Here you can download the beta version of HDD Encryption.

Endpoint with Egon

Phew – what a year it has been! You always think that you have seen it all. But something new always comes along. So now we know know, for example, that there is a new species on earth – the BAD – USB. He belongs to the family of chameleons and can make itself completely invisible – at least for conventional endpoint security solutions. My boys already had numerous safeguards against this and have now expanded them again in the new version.

After a certain Mr. Snowden has shown us how much secret intelligence love data, we partiocularly paid attention to the encryption – if they steal our data, they should at least have a hard time cracking them. Newly introduced were the folder encryption for the network and the email encryption. With the acquisition of Secude in February we made the basis for the expansion of the full disk encryption, which new version now goes in the beta phase.

Ma hardworking boys from EgoSecure! But now they should get the chance to sit back for a moment and strike up a little Christmas song:

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snowden!