Endpoint security experts EgoSecure and Antares Netlogix are becoming partners

EgoSecure, endpoint security specialist from Ettlingen in Baden-Württemberg and the Antares NetlogiX found a partnership for the joint distribution of the security solution EgoSecure Endpoint. The team of Antares NetlogiX have been activ in the endpoint security market for more than 15 years.
The Antares NetlogiX has been been a fixed strength in the IT security market for more than 15 year. They have particular expertise within the field of endpoint security. Antares NetlogiX offers its customers exclusive technology-leading IT security solutions and responds with the appropriate manufacturers via certified partnerships. Special added value is the after-sales support, which is staffed with 7 employees and can be used for free as long as the maintenance is running.

“We have had manufacturers for Endpoint Security in our portfolio in the past, but were recently disappointed with the product strategy and cooperation. EgoSecure is a German and leading provider of solutions for endpoint security and a specialist in this field. We are pleased to have found a manufacturer with EgoSecure whose solutions are already installed in numerous networks and that the development team is always convinced of the comprehensive and user-oriented solution concept of EgoSecure Endpoint. For us, the software fits perfectly in our strategy to offer our customers only the products that solve their challenges best and most comprehensively”, declared Jürgen Kolb and DI Alexander Graf, CEO and founder of Antares NetlogiX.

Sergej Schlotthauer, CEO of EgoSecure adds: “We are delighted to have found our partner with the team at Antares NetlogiX. Antares NetlogiX already has a lot of experience in the endpoint security market. Endpoint Security is still a difficult issue within the IT security strategies of companies and public authorities, as the term is interpreted very differently by many manufacturers. Hardly anyone has the problems in the area comprehensive in view but so as we do. The expertise of Antares NetlogiX will help us to position the important topic properly.”

Trust is good, ANTARES is better!
In the last fifteen years, Antares NetlogiX has proven to be a competent IT service provider. Origin from the network and system management, the focus has been increasingly extended to high-security solutions. The fast-growing service sector (especially managed services (“Antares Secured Cloud”)), IT project management support and trainings are areas the ambitious 33 employees comprehensive enterprise focuses on.
Many of the largest IT infrastructure in Austria have already been relying on the care of Antares NetlogiX for many years. ICT companies, systems integrators, multinational corporations from all sectors and ministries and other public institutions (especially in health care) rely on the competent and flexible advice.