EgoSecure Endpoint Version 5.6


Extension of revision for further operations and the related changes of administrators and supervisors.
Expansion of mail delivery to other events and processes.
Additional option for SSL encryption to the already proprietary encryption of internal program communications.

Access Control
New Content Filter to block password-protected zip files.
Content Filter can now be defined explicated for each combination of user and a shared device.

Implementation of the new antivirus engine 3.0.

Logging of accesses to the Internet (browser and application independent).
Control of logging of all processes according to computer.
Shadow copy for network share.

EgoSecure Server
Several new admin tool commands (XML interface for third-party systems).
Folder Encryption
Network share encryption (shared folders, WebDav, Terminal server drives).
Mail encryption (hardware / software appliance).
Automatic encryption and decryption of emails.
Maximum security and compatibility due to the use of internationally recognized encryption standards such as OpenPGP S / MIME and TLS.
Automatic e-mail signature for all outgoing emails.
Patented push technology for sending encrypted emails to any recipient.
Integrated Certificate Authority (CA) for the issuance and management of S / MIME certificates.
Fully automatic, simple and inexpensive issuing of S / MIME certificates of the globally recognized SwissSign AG.
Central user and key management.
Fully automatic encryption between all EgoSecure Mail Encryption systems.
Send and receive e-mails in the usual e-mail client, no software installation necessary.
Optional protection against spam, viruses and phishing attacks (VSPP).
High Availability (multi-master cluster).
Adaptation to company-specific security policies (programmable Rule Engine).
Large-File management for e-mail attachments.

Mobile Device Management
Android Agent : http support for demonstration and evaluation purposes (no certificates required )
Android agent : Stand-alone installation possible (no MDM Server required)
Android agent : log files can be sent
Android agent : Call & message management with possibility to block certain number, etc.
Android Agent : Track & locate module

Optimization / changes

Access Control
Context menu under installation > update has been extended.
Selection under installation > update has been improved

Improved access messages.
Improved Audit display.

EgoSecure Agent
GUI Design & Text improvements
Improved display of SD cards.