EgoSecure Endpoint Version 5.5


Expansion of mail delivery to other events and processes.
Access Control
New content filter
Implementation of the new antivirus engine
Logging of accesses to the Internet.
EgoSecure console
Dashboard with new graphically prepared reports.
EgoSecure server
Several new admin tool commands (XML interface for third-party systems).
Folder Encryption
Network encryption share.
Mail Encryption (hardware / software appliance)
Mobile Device Management
New Android Agent

EgoSecure console
GUI Design & Text Improvements
Optimized filter of the Audit Tabs
Client could not be released under a custom devices scanned correctly in special cases
User Info in the administration of rights has been extended

Mobile Device Management
Improved installation and configuration as well as the GUI
Android Agent : creating the key is much faster
Android Agent : extended alerts

Power Management
Expansion of the Power Management settings in the console

Corrections / IMPROVEMENTS

Access Control
Management of SD cards
Korrenturen the Content Filter in offline mode
Corrections of the Content Filter for custom devices enable acts Wrong