EgoSecure Endpoint Version 5.4 BETA


– CAFE for the Cloud (Control, Audit, Filtering and Encryption for Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive).
– Function of automatic deactivation of objects in EgoSecure that have been disabled in AD.
– “No longer existing objects” with scheduler function.
– Korean language for the EgoSecure agent / console.
– Securing individual displays in the console.
– Display of interfaces, processes and access path in individual user messages.

Access Control
– Filtering by unencrypted data.
– Filtering of files / file types on network shares.

– Audit also shows the percentage, scanned size
– Indication of the relevant processes / applications of accesses

Removable Device Encryption
– Note display when changing a Master Key.

Folder Encryption
– Centralized management of folders to be encrypted on the client.

Encryption HDD
– Permit a certain number of login attempts in the PBA (“grace logins”).
– Multiselect in the field Encryption HDD.
– Automatic saving of ERI (Emergency Recovery Information) file.
– Button for manual update.

– Centralized quarantine management for malicious objects.
– Update of the virus signatures can now be distributed manually or schedule.

Mobile Device Management
– Wizard -based installation package for MDM (Mobile Device Management).
– Device overview for Mobile Device Management.


Access Control
– Optimization of the control of Android devices.
– Expansion of the content filter by file type .mpg , .mov and .db.
– Printers are marked as “Current devices” on EgoSecure agent while disabled printer control.
– Management of AntiBriding function by means of standard and group composite.

– Unused repositories of antivirus engine will be deleted.

– Extension of the admin tool commands.