EgoSecure Endpoint Version 5.4.787


Integrity control of EgoSecure Server Data.
New administrative role: computer scan under “releases”.
User & Calculator of own directory can now be created from the console.
Licensing can now be carried out via an activation code.
Revised authentication dialog of the console.
User for the console authentication can now be managed independently from the user in the administration of rights.

Added Content Filter for ShadowCopy

Mobile Device Management
Support for 4096 -bit RSA key (only for Android devices)
Detection of rooted devices (for Android devices)

Encryption HDD
Select users for the PBA directly from the directory service structure.
Hide last username during the PBA application

Device Encryption
Support for RSA 2048 bit RSA or 4096 -bit key

Folder Encryption
Support for RSA 2048 bit RSA or 4096 -bit key

CD / DVD Encryption
Support for RSA 2048 bit RSA or 4096 -bit key

EgoSecure console
Right-click menu extensions for computers in the list Installation / Update (Check agent status, rights management, compress log files, specify favorite server)
An email address can be added to a user rights management section.
Complete, quick and customized scans selectable by agent
Set the process priority of scans.

Access Control
Windows clipboard (Clipboard) can be prohibited.

Optimizations / Changes

Expanded subject of e-mail alerts
Improving the spoofing protection

EgoSecure server
Optimize Performance of evaluations.
Expansion of the Admin Tool parameters.
Revised and expanded MSI file export.
Optimized administrative roles.

Power Management
Message before shutdown of agent editable.

Mobile Device Management
Android agent App Wizard optimized.
Encryption of password for the MDM server and the GCM API key.
Optimized and improved Android GUIs agent.

EgoSecure console
Optimized user – edit dialog
Encryption method can be set separately for each encryption module (DE, FE, cloud and CD / DVD).
File & Folder selection dialog has been improved in all areas.
Columns can be shown and hidden under installation \ Update.
New design of the License Management.
Optimized display of revision.
Small Design & Text improvements

EgoSecure Agent
Encryption methods for DE, FE, cloud and CD/DVD can also be configured separately on estray.
Small Design & Text improvements.

Central quarantine management from the console.
BitDefenderDBUpdate folder is only created temporarily temp under % windir% \
AVInformer can now be closed during scans without the scan being interrupted.
Further improvement of ESTrays.
Optimizing of the status overview in the console.

Auditing of the blocked access also possible without activated logging of file access.

Corrections / Improvements

EgoSecure server
Problem solved of synchronization with LDAP.
Enabling and disabling inheritance for all devices did not work in the offline scenario.
Objects that are in the favorites, could not be deleted.
Stability improvements.

Power Management
“Suspicious activity” showed entries although power management was not active.
“Suspicious activity” could include incorrect times.
Power Management could display different gains.
Minor bug fixes.

Mobile Device Management

When using Windows XP, the wizard to install the mobile agent could not be executed correctly.
Android GCM 2013 Support

Folder Encryption
Folder Encryption for offline user did not work correctly in some cases.

BitLocker Drive Encryption
Dissolved error encrypting a disk.

Encryption HDD
Synchronization could diable Encryption HDD licenses.

In rare cases, it could lead to problems when saving encrypted office documents.

EgoSecure console
In some cases administrator could not delete the log of synchronization.
Stability improvements.


Crash of CryptionMobile in the Media Center Cloud solved.

CD / DVD Encryption
Crash of CryptionMobileCD after entering the password solved.

EgoSecure agent
Resolved minor error: if you by right-clicking klick on “ask permission”.
Hyperlink in some user messages did not always work.
In some cases, a user message has been sporadically issued.
Stability improvements.


Computers are partly not enabled automatically for Antivirus.
Agent without virus signatures sometimes displayed incorrect information.
Restoring files from quarantine failed in some cases.
Update of virus signature on the server was sometimes delayed.
An encrypted file containing a virus signature was not recognized as a threat.

Audit for thin client storage media is not working properly using Citrix XenApp.
Logging of accesses in offline mode were not automatically transferred to the server.
Export as a CSV file was partially incorrect.

Access Control
Activation code could not be created for computers in some cases.
Computer only inherited one time release after “renewing rights”