EgoSecure Endpoint Version 5.3.749


Content header Filtering for unencrypted data (administration via standard rights, groups and users).
Saving possibility of individual displays in the console.
Default encryption can be set for new users.
Audit also shows the size in percentage (Example: User and Antivirus engine each open file completely = 200 %).
Function of automatic deactivation of objects in EgoSecure which were deactivated in AcitveDirectory.
After uninstalling the agent or disable the printer control, system is set back to “Windows Standard”
“No longer existing objects” with scheduler function.

Deleting CPM.exe when transferring the CM.exe on external data carrier.
Korean language for EgoSecure agent.
Message when changing a Master Key.
Allow a certain number of login attempts in the PBA (” grace logins “).
Multi select in the field of EncryptionHDD.
Checkbox: Save ERI file automatically.
Button to manually update the EncryptionHDD configurations.
Central quarantine management for antivirus.
Counter added in other fields of the anti- virus console to show the number of the current selection and displayed objects.
Update of the virus signature can be distributed manually or scheduled.
Display frequency of user messages configurable.


Interval for the scheduler (synchronization of the service directory structure) adjustable up to 10 minutes.
Improved detection of Android devices.
Expansion of Content Header Filter by file types .mpg, .mov, .db and raw.
Printers are identified as “Current devices” in EgoSecure agent when scanning printer in deactivated mode.
From this version on, the inheritance setting in the product management is always set on “automatic inheritance” for new installations.
Integration of Mobile Device Management area from the Admin Tool in the EgoSecure console (Administration / MDM settings)
Default values for user messages were extended (If you already made manual changes, there will be no automatic update. In order to get there new defaults, the message text has to be deleted.)
Improved updating of console when changes are made.
Unused repositories of antivirus engine will be deleted.
Timeout for “Login as” is shown in seconds now.
Optimizations of logfiles.

Performance optimization of server, console, agent and database.
Expansion of the admin tool commands.
Optimisations in the field of anti-virus (display of AV Informers optimized).
Supervisors no longer need to enter the old password when changes in field of audit are made (For administrators, nothing changes).
Optimized Readout of device information in the field clearances (Ex: VolumeID, On-The-Fly amend already releasing devices possible).


Error message “Encountered in improper argument” remedied.
Renewal of the signing of the driver “dpndislwf.sys”.
Bitlocker could in some cases could not encrypt drive C:
Dual display of objects under “Installation / Update” (duplicate objects, that exist already, have to be deleted manually).
Problem when viewing a long hyperlink in the user notification of EgoSecure Trays.
Dissolved rare printing problems with PDF Creator.
“Compress logfile” improved.
Fixed rare problem with low-level access control, despite deactivated.
Error message when you access an application on a boot drive.
Display error of the user according to “Log on as”.