EgoSecure Endpoint Version 5.3.720


Exiting Cryption Mobile you will be advised of a decrypted folder.
Antibridging can now also be used without activating the computer (Therefore, the user management maintains).
Antibriding settings can be managed via standard rights and groups.
When a client can not be reached when generatong logfiles, there is an info message.
View the context of the Active Directory of the path of the user in the group management
Information about the cancellation date and the active products in the list of ” no longer existing objects ” .
Log files can be generated directly on the server icon in the upper right corner.
Select the default value for the primary encryption algorithm.
Progress bar in manual encryption on a mobile data carrier.


Performance issue with saving Word 2003 files on an NTFS device.
Incorrect uninstallation of EgoSecure Agents.
Encrypted burning with CDBurner XP did not work in certain cases.
EgoSecure agent installation / uninstallation via the console did not work in exceptional cases.
Rare problem when synchronizing OpenLDAP.
Encrypted burn with Nero8 did not work in certain cases.
The excluded items in the AD synchronization were not included in some cases.
Troubleshooting concerning the EgoSecureShlExt.dll.