EgoSecure Endpoint Version 5.3.701


Antivirus module.
Folder encryption.
Mobile Device Management for iPhone , Android and Windows Phone.
Central support of Windows 7 Ultimate BitLocker encryption.
Internet, cloud storage and communication interface support in the Access Control module.
Windows Firewall Management.
Citrix XenApp support (basic functions).
Windows 8 Support.
Windows event logs can be written on the server.
Advanced audit evaluation.
Passwords for the first activation of the logging are no longer required (Revision extension).
Under” Installation / Update” the log level of agents can be customized for each computer individually.

Logs directly visible under installation/ update of the agent, by right-clicking on the computer.
In some device classes of access control, the option “Not manage rights” can be selected, if no right via EgoSecure Endpoint should be given.
Crytion mobile option: .exe file only transfered on device during writing operations.
Cryption mobile option : password reminder.
GUI for the device encryption used via context menu .
Management Console Layout Editor.

Security alerts can now be displayed whenever you connect a device & evaluation according to user.
Expansion of information which are included in mail delivery.
Support of mail delivery even with SSL and TSL encrypted or password – protected mail servers.

Optimization of communication from server to database, console and clients.
Optimized stability & performance in server, console, database and at the agent.
Expansion of admin tool commands.
Extension of XML commands.
Optimizations of the GUI console and agent.


Rare error when reading archives.
Error while ISS installations of the server if no user and password were assigned during AD configurations.
Encryption HDD: ERI file could not be generated under certain circumstances.
Encryption HDD: Script was not performed correctly in some cases.
General bug fixes.