EgoSecure Endpoint Version 5.2.648


New display of user-specific assigned filter rules.
SNMP traps can be pushed additionally to the mail delivery.
Access protection against outdated management consoles.
EgoSecure Eventlogs in Windows event log.
Agent connected/ disconnected to/ from the server, Logon, Logout
Agent started / stopped
New languages for EgoSecure Tray UI

Improve of stability of the console, the server and agents.
Automatic activation of products in the AD synchronization.
ShadowCopy module for network share is disabled by default.
Improved support for SD cards that are connected via PCIE.
Optimized display of file types in the Content header filter.
Optimized performance in AD, LDAP and NDS synchronizations.
Optimized power management of server client.
Optimizatized Shell Extensions (Encryption and Data Destruction).
Optimized disk encryption.
Optimizatized module Data Destruction.
Optimizatized ShadowCopy module.
Optimizatized Unicode standard.
Small optimizations concerning evaluation.
Expansion of the predefined CHF formats.
Optimization of UI of the console and agent.

Group link in an AD synchronization was not saved in rare cases.
It could happen that a release according to Device + Volume ID or CHF whitelist didn´t proceed.
Exiting console or Explorer in certain cases.
Display errors when generating log files and the SID at agent.
Restricted access to network shares via an application or manually.
BSOD in rare cases due to a compatibility problem by a third-party software.
Problem with active CHF network access.
Filter by individual devices release was not working properly in one case.
AutoUpdate or manual update via console was not carried out in ona special case.