EgoSecure Data Protection 10.3


  • Updated Reports > Revision
  • Enhanced overall stability
  • Enhanced overall performance
  • Enhanced UI & usability
  • Enhanced logging

Access Control

  • Enhanced Antibridging to distinguish between blocking all adapters of one type or not


  • The message for controlling keyboards on the client can now be edited from console
  • Enhanced the revision of temporary access rights
  • General enhancements for keyboard control (i.e. in offline mode)
  • Improved the identification of some SATA hard drives
  • Improved the identification of local printer


  • Fixed a bug with the identification of fingerprints
  • Fixed a bug with the security message if “once” is selected
  • Fixed a bug with incorrectly generated access messages for mouse control
  • Fixed a bug with the ignore whitelist function via unblocking code

Application Control

  • ApplicationControl is now also available for computer objects
  • Added column to show package dependencies


  • Added Anti-rootkit scan


  • Fixed a problem with false positives
  • Fixed a problem during installation
  • Fixed a problem after uninstallation
  • Fixed a rare problem with the Security Center


  • Fixed a problem with reading data from an exported file

Cryption Mobile


  • Popup with a drop down to select a mobile password or to generate one after connecting an external device
    Added “Show password button” for CM during “logon screen”


  • Fixed a problem with the “devices list for encryption”

Encryption HDD

  • Added a feature to switch between online/offline clients in the console overview


  • Updated KICKSTART parameter ”KEXEC” to improve compatibility with more hardware models


  • Fixed a problem during export of the ERI file
  • Fixed a PBA problem for “Lenovo X1 Carbon”

EgoSecure Agent

  • Small modifications for the accessibility feature


  • Fixed a problem during Agent installation if kernel driver for CD/DVD was enabled
  • Info about Agent version was not accessible via tray sometimes

EgoSecure Console


  • Changes of client settings in the rights management will now be tracked in the revision
  • Added copy/paste feature to the current console path
  • Added reports of Internet, Applications launch, Use of applications to “Reports export”

EgoSecure Server

  • Added XML-API commands for user settings in the console -> rights management
  • Added XML and AdminTool commands for “Scan archives”


  • Some problems with the Export/Import ACL AdminTool command are fixed


  • Added an option to display the selected chart in a separate window
  • Added audit of mobile devices to Insight
  • Added details to new Insight PDF reports

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